National Waitlist Campaign

Video Instructions for Sending Waitlist Campaign

Written steps to send the email campaign to your waitlist families:

1) Begin a new email

2) Subject: June 19th Parents’ Zoom Conference - Join the Movement and Break the Waitlist Barrier for Affordable Childcare!

3)Open this link

4) Copy the letter and paste it into the body of your email - Control A to select all, Control C to copy, Control V to paste into your email body - the links and pictures should all copy across

5) In the second paragraph, in red text, replace XXX with your program’s total waitlist number

6) Read and adjust the letter to your needs and truths

7) Sign from your name

8) Send to ONLY your waitlist families

When you’re finished sending the email to waitlist parents:

Forward the link to this page to childcare colleagues anywhere in Canada and ask them to replicate these steps with their waitlist families. Please encourage them to also consider investing in a national membership

Kindly make the time to complete our operator survey about waitlists. Please also share this survey with all your operator colleagues and on your childcare social media accounts



A balance between affordable childcare for Canadian families

that is still sustainable for operators.

  • We are dedicated to providing high-quality childcare services.

  • We acknowledge the financial challenges that many of our families are currently navigating.

  • We are committed to the

    well-being of our families.

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