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Daycare parent Jenn Vanderlaan speaks to fellow parents

January 19, 20241 min read

“If our daycare does not sign into the grant, I'll have to pay significantly more, and with waiting lists as long as they are, I won't have other options here in Lethbridge.” - Jenn Vanderlaan

Jenn Vanderlaan's Plea for Affordable Childcare in Alberta


In a heartfelt video message, Jen Vanderlaan, a concerned parent from Alberta, shares her deep apprehensions about the challenges faced by childcare providers under the current affordability grant. As Alberta grapples with the decision to sign into the next grant, Jenn sheds light on the critical issues that impact both providers and parents.

Jenn's impassioned plea underscores the urgency of advocating for a childcare system that is fair, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of both providers and parents. Join the campaign, contribute your voice, and be a part of the movement for positive change in Alberta's childcare landscape.


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